HyperVent - putting an end to wet bedding and sleeping bags!



Aug./Sept. 2001

"...a product that provides air circulation by elevating a mattress off its supporting structure. HyperVent works in other areas of the boat as well: around cockpit cushions in storage, and iceboxes and freezers that tend to sweat and damage surrounding wood and cushions. It can also keep tin cans from rusting, protect chain, rope and sail lockers and can act as a screen for bilge pump intakes and float switches to prevent debris from plugging a pump or disabling a switch...this material would solve a huge problem in the boating world..."

Sept. / Oct. 2000

"We found that installing HyperVent under our bunks was a cinch." "It Works! ... We have found HyperVent to be much better than replacing sheets, pillows, mattresses, and cushions on a yearly basis."

"May your mildew problems be gone forever, and your crew enjoy that cruise of a lifetime."

Maintenance Q & A — July 2001

"Q: I’ve tried several methods to stop condensation from forming beneath the mattresses in both my boat’s staterooms, including sprays and absorption devices. While some work for awhile, I find the moisture problem inevitably returns. Do you have any suggestions?

"A: Keeping the air circulating throughout the boat’s living quarters is the solution ... One new product you may want to try is from HyperVent Marine"

Yachts International

"Down with dampness! Fighting mold and mildew under mattresses and under cushions is a trying ordeal for any boat owner and prevention methods can be costly and often unsatisfactory. HyperVent Marine has created a product intended to eliminate condensation...made entirely of nylon and breathable fabric it works by allowing a free flow of air."